Wanderlust Gets Money Smart

Travel is such a refreshing thing to do once in a while. It offers a whole new perspective about things, and it makes us marvel at the world outside our everyday life. Of course, it doesn’t come free, especially when it’s something you personally plan out. So how do you make a getaway easy on… Continue reading Wanderlust Gets Money Smart


Beware the Sale Bandwagon

There’s the mortgage, the utility bills, and the kids. Our family regularly sets aside something for our investments, and we also spend for financial protection. Definitely our cash flow is a bit crazy, yet we do travel regularly and spend good quality time with family. Any expense beyond that is discretionary, at best. Even though you get to enjoy a discount during a sale, you are still spending money. True, you get 25% discount, but you are actually shelling out the remaining 75%, which otherwise would have been savings. So, if something is not on your list, better hold your horses!

Estate Planning

Estate Planning for the Filipino Family

Life insurance works wonders in estate planning, primarily because it creates new wealth where otherwise there would have been only grief and financial distress.